AMD RX 480 takes centrestage at AMD Polaris showcase

RX 480 is a solid attempt at making VR more affordable for the masses

A month after announcing its new Polaris line and the RX 480, AMD had an official event in Malaysia to properly introduce its new GPU to the market.

The Polaris range, using the R4XX naming convention, features powerful and yet affordable gaming capability without breaking the bank. The RX 480 is the highest-end model in the line, with 4GB and 8GB editions. As for the RX470, it promises gamers the capability to play games at 1080p at the highest setting without compromises, while the RX460, offers a more compact design, more energy efficiency, with slightly lower performance than the other two models.

For the RX460, it was built on the Polaris 11 platform instead of the Polaris 10 used by the other two. This was because the RX460 is optimised for e-sports and streaming and is the thinnest GPU AMD has made to date. It's likely the next gen of HP Omen gaming notebooks will be using the RX460.

AMD found that the majority of gamers purchased cards priced in the US$100 - US$300 range, but the current range of VR technology was priced too high as to exclude many of these gamers. The Polaris range aims to make VR on PC available at very reasonable prices. Besides VR support, AMD also touted its excellent support for DirectX 12.

The RX 460 and 470 are 'just around the corner' an AMD spokesperson confirmed, though he did not divulge exact dates for the other two graphic cards.

Expect to see RX 480 from various AMD partners soon, with the current pricing for the RX 480 starting from US$199 (RM810) for the 4GB version and US$239 (RM970) for the 8GB version.