Ambitious Neptune Hub claims to be the only wearable computer you'll need

With the Neptune Hub, you'll instead have one computer to power multiple displays

The Neptune Hub looks like a futuristic albeit slightly ambitious concept. It is basically one mobile computer that will somehow integrate all the functions of a smartphone, tablet, laptop and, get this, set-top box.

Seamless connectivity

What happens – the Hub will connect to several ‘dumb’ devices. To browse the Web, you pick up a 10-inch Tab Screen. To call and email, you use a 5-inch Pocket Screen and to interface with your HDTV, you switch to a dongle. All connected to your Neptune Hub.

It’s actually quite a bargain to get them on Indiegogo since all these devices (with the hub) going for US$599 if you’re an Indiegogo early bird while the final retail price could be around US$949.

Risky investment or possibly the future of cool? If this sounds like your thing, then pledge your money over at Indiegogo. It's already nearly eight-times oversubscribed, with nearly US$800,000 reached for a US$100,000 goal.

[Source: Engadget]