Amazon’s new Kindle is thinner, lighter and sporting Bluetooth

Entry-level e-reader gets a refresh - but the price stays the same

Amazon has updated its entry-level Kindle e-reader, squeezing the already-thin device into an ever more wafer-like form, as well as reducing the weight.

We know what you’re thinking - the Kindle was never heavy or chunky to begin with - but let’s face it, even a tiny increase in portability is better than nothing. And less strain on your pocket seams isn’t the only reason you might want to invest in the new model.

It’s also sporting a few brand new features. You can now export any notes you make, or passages you highlight, as a PDF (it appears this feature may be coming to older Kindles via a software update in the near future); and there’s wireless Bluetooth audio support too.

The latter is intended as an accessibility feature, making it possible for visually impaired readers to use the VoiceView screen reader without the need to add an adapter. Instead, the Kindle itself will pair with a Bluetooth headset or speaker.

The user interface has also been tweaked, with a new personalised home screen pointing you towards new books you might like and recommendations from friends, and giving you an easy-to-manage Wish List.

The new Kindle is out now, priced from £59.99 (~RM360) - the same as the model it replaces. It’s available in black or white finishes. The Kindle Paperwhite, meanwhile, has received a minor update: it’s now available in white as well as black.