Amazon’s inviting its customers to join its looming product launch

It’s keeping mum about details of the mystery device though
Amazon’s invited its customers to compete for a chance to join its next product

Surely, Amazon wants us surprised at what it’s planning to unveil at its upcoming product launch. There’s no other reason why the e-commerce company has kept its plan under tight wrap for so long.

It’s evidently excited about it’s own launch too – since it’s not only sent out an invite to developer partners and media about the event, but also, opened its doors to its customers. But, they’ll first have to compete and convince Amazon for the chance to sit alongside CEO, Jeff Bezos, at the event in Seattle on 18 June.

And its invite mode was rather unusual too. Instead of emailing it to customers, it used the Twitter platform to link interested parties to its online invite form, where they’ve got to explain to Amazon why they should be considered for the running – developer partners and journos get the same treatment too.

Amazon will make its decision by 12 June and will contact the lucky few by email but it’s unclear how many people it will actually let into the event. Although, Cnet claims it will arrange travel and lodging for handpicked customers or developers residing outside of Seattle (we wonder if this applies to out of the US). 

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This is what we're guesing...

Our best bet is that it’s launching a new Amazon smartphone if we try to make sense of Amazon’s tweets. On one of its tweets, it posted a video of people looking down at what we presume is the Amazon device (it would otherwise be weird for obvious reasons) and raving about how awesome the gizmo is.

If the speculations are to be believed, the smartphone will feature 3D technology without the need for glasses, that permits images to pop out from the flat screen, six cameras and a quad-core Snapdragon processor with 2GB RAM.

And to think you could be one of those seated at launch watching the unveil in person.  

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[Source: Cnet