Amazon's Flex delivery service lets you sign up to deliver parcels

Now on Amazon: delivery jobs

Seems everyone is getting in on the gig economy, including Amazon. The company has just announced its Amazon Flex that lets people signup to become delivery drivers.

While it's only in Seattle right now, it plans to expand to other US cities such as Baltimore, Manhattan, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Portland.

The service will help support Amazon's Prime Now service that offers rapid deliveries of selected items to customers in a few US cities as well as London, though that might change in future.

What do these Flex drivers get paid? Well, US$18 to US$25 an hour which is perhaps slightly better than minimum wage in some parts of the US. Still, it's been debated that gigs like these are exploitative as they offer no benefits to workers apart from the flexibility of hours. We'll just have to see how well Flex does or if we'll be hearing some new Amazon customer horror stories.