Amazon Accidentally Sold High-End Camera Gear For Less Than USD 100!

A big deal for photographers. Literally.

Photographers in the US were having a field day during Amazon’s 2019 Prime Day promotion this week, where they lucked out on what may be the best deals ever offered. Photography equipment ranging from prime and telephoto lenses to full frame DSLRs were generously discounted to only USD 94.48 (~MYR 388).

To give you an idea of how insane this really was; a Canon 800mm telephoto lens costs at an average of USD 12,000 (~MYR 50,000), while a Sony A7R III mirrorless full-frame camera averages at USD 2,500 (~MYR 10,200). Now, imagine adding the Canon lens into your cart and have it checked out for only MYR 388. Yes, exactly.

As much as we would like to believe that Amazon decided to be extremely kind to its users during Prime Day, the massive discounts were actually accredited to a pricing error on its system.

According to photography news website PetaPixel, the spark was ignited when a member of Slickdeals - an online coupon and deal social commerce website - noticed a Sony a6000 and 16-50mm lens bundle worth USD 550 was listed at only USD 94.48 on Amazon during its Prime Day promotion. The person then shared the deal on Slickdeals where it made its way to the front page - to which it attracted other members to the page, and encouraged them to dig around Amazon for other similar “deals”. And they sure did, as other cameras and bundles were also spotted to be sold for the exact same price.


Most came to the conclusion that it was a pricing error on Amazon’s end, but that didn’t stop the buying spree for those who were willing to take that gamble. To make matters worse for the e-commerce website, the products affected were mostly listed by third-party sellers, but were fulfilled by Amazon themselves - this includes shipping, customer service, and returns.

One Slickdeals member writes, “Literally everything is USD 94.48. I bought like 10k worth of stuff that was like 900 dollars total.”

“I got a USD 13,000 lens for USD 94,” another member writes. “Waiting for the cancellation but thats like 99.3% off.”

Many have speculated that their orders may get cancelled by Amazon in light of the pricing error but to much surprise, some members were actually notified that their purchases have been sent out for shipping at no extra cost. Those who were lucky to have their orders checked out shared screenshots of their unbelievable loot that cost less than USD 100. I’m trying my best to fight this strong sense of envy as I type this article out, so bear with me.

As of writing, we’re uncertain if a majority of members had their deals honoured by Amazon, but some did report that they weren’t so lucky and had their purchases cancelled. The company has not issued a comment regarding this fiasco when reached out by Business Insider. Those who have received their USD 94.48 camera gear on their doorsteps are certainly living their wildest dreams, but for Amazon on the other hand, it’s a horrendous nightmare.

Full credits to PetaPixel for the images used in this article.