Amazon planning another phone, but taking its time

While the Amazon Fire was a dud, the online e-tailer isn't giving up on smartphone domination yet
Amazon planning another phone, but taking its time

After all the hype Amazon created for its smartphone, the Amazon Fire Phone fizzled into oblivion. Well, the company isn't giving up on muscling into the crowded, competitive smartphone market and is planning another phone. Just don't expect it this Christmas. Perhaps not even next Christmas.

The earliest we can expect an Amazon phone is apparently 2016.


A cheaper phone, this time?

Amazon planning another phone, but taking its time

It's not like Amazon has been lying around weeping over the rejection. Apparently it has been working on a new model for months and will probably try to learn from its mistakes. The phone left them with US$170 million of unsold inventory, which bore down hard on the company's financial results.

The problem with the Fire phone is that not only was it expensive, its 'cool' features weren't cool enough to make you want them. Did you really need a phone that made shopping on Amazon easy when it already is?

While the Kindle was genius, the best ereader experience for anyone already into Amazon's Kindle ecosystem, the Fire just didn't set gadgetphiles ablaze with desire.

Perhaps it could try going back to its roots by selling a really cool budget model, much like the way China smartphone makers are heading now. But Amazon seems set on entering the premium segment so we'll just have to see what happens next.

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[Source: Venturebeat]