Amazon phone coming – with glasses-free 3D screen

Tipsters claim the retailer is aiming for a September release date for its first smartphone
Amazon phone coming – with glasses-free 3D screen

Amazon is releasing a smartphone with a 3D display – at least that’s if you believe a bunch of tattle-tales who leaked the information to the Wall Street Journal.

While Amazon has already produced several Kindle Fire tablets, the retailer is yet to dip its toes into the babbling brook marked “phones”, and according to the tipsters (who the WSJ describes as “people briefed on the company’s plans”) the plan is to do so with a bang. And that bang comes in the shape of a 3D screen that works without the viewer needing to perch a pair of special glasses on his or her face.

Retina-reading technology

We know that glasses-free technology is feasible (the Nintendo 3DS features such a screen), but Amazon could be taking it a step further: its smartphone will reportedly use four front-facing cameras to track the viewer’s retinas and thus create on-screen images that have a hologram-esque effect.

The sources – most likely developers who have been shown a prototype device during briefings in Seattle and San Francisco – claim that Amazon will announce the phone in late June ahead of a late September on-sale date. However, they also cautioned that Amazon’s plans may change in the run-up to any launch.

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