Amazon now tries to be one-stop 3D printing marketplace

3D printers, scanners, and refills are all now available online
Amazon now tries to be one-stop 3D printing marketplace

If you'd rather not resort to just another Kickstarter or other crowdfunding site to start 3D printing then maybe Amazon might be your best friend. It just launched its 3D printing marketplace on Monday which is a one-stop shop for your 3D printing needs.

Looks-wise, it follows the standard Amazon format and looks a lot like the other marketplaces on the website, though it is limited to six categories at the moment: 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D printer filament, parts and accessories, 3D printer books and CAD software.

Small, but growing

Amazon now tries to be one-stop 3D printing marketplace

Amazon currently has partnered with 10 printing companies that specialise in 3D, with plans to add more. Fairly representative of what you will find on the new Amazon marketplace is company Gbargain, that specialises in 3D printing materials including filaments, print head nozzles and cleaning tools.

Well-known names like MakerBot are represented with various MakerBot printers available for purchase as well as other models that include the Printbot and the MakerGear M2. As to pricing, it's hard to tell whether these are the best prices you can get for the items though it certainly is convenient.

What will probably appeal to people who don't want to buy printers themselves is to order 3D printed items and customise them. There's a limited amount of items you can customise to your liking, including bobbleheads, dog tags and cuffs. But it could expand in future depending on demand.

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