Amazon gets even more serious about grocery shopping with Prime Pantry

No more broken shopping bags, let Amazon do all the work for you for a mere US$6

Remember when we told you about Amazon’s Dash which was your own personal item scanner? Well it seems Amazon really, really wants you to buy groceries from them with its new Amazon Prime Pantry.

What is this new service? It is one of the special services given to Amazon Prime members, and if you happen to be a Prime member living in the 49 contiguous states in the United States, you can ship up to 45 pounds (20.4 kg) worth of household goods for a flat delivery fee of US$6.

Think of it as Amazon’s way of taking on the big supermarkets of the world but via its online channels. Few companies are as adept at getting online orders shipped efficiently  to its customers as Amazon is.

Amazon, getting everywhere

What Amazon Prime members can order are pretty much day-to-day kind of household essentials, but only in everyday sizes. So don’t count on stocking up for doomsday with family pack sizes on Amazon

Amazon has said that it will sell items that will include soft drinks, bottled water, paper products, potato chips, cereal and personal care items.

What's the novelty of ordering with Amazon Prime? To make sure you stay within the weight limit, it will display a virtual Amazon cardboard box. It will then update you on how much room is left in the box. Yes, you could try (for fun) to fill it with a mountain of M&Ms but it’s a god-send for people who often order things that cost significantly more to ship online. 20kg for 6 dollars is a bargain no matter how you slice it.

Amazon Prime members pay US$79 (soon to be US$99) for various perks so the Prime Pantry is just another of the perks they want to add to the list. Making delivery cheap is probably also a sneaky way of encouraging people to buy more things at a time as it is cheaper than buying them separately.

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