Amazon Reportedly Working On A Free, Ad-Supported Music Service

Can it take on giants like Spotify and Apple Music?

According to an exclusive report by Billboard, sources that are familiar with the plan say that Amazon is in talks to launch a free, ad-supported version for their music service.

The report also mentions that Amazon plans to market this free music service through their voice-assisted Echo speakers, and it could be as soon as next week with a limited catalog at first. This is definitely a natural decision for Amazon to make as, according to recent statistics by, there is a significant growth in Amazon Echo users - 6.6 million in the U.S. in 2018 alone!

As of now, Amazon only offer their music service through their Amazon Prime subscription or Amazon Music subscriptions which require an account, and gives at most a 30-day free trial. This move has the potential to introduce the service to many of their existing Amazon Echo users and converting them into paid subscribers - similar to Spotify, which is the only music streaming with a free tier, and it is expected the Amazon will follow the same format in terms of how much control free users have over the music they are streaming.

Amazon has not made any official comments about this. But if Billboard’s sources are accurate, then we might have an announcement pretty soon. Stay tuned to Stuff Asia for further updates on the matter.