Amazon dishes out the hurt to Apple with parody commercial

It’s not the first company to parody Apple’s commercial, but Amazon's ad makes the iPad Air look like a lightweight in a direct comparison to the Kindle Fire HDX
Amazon dishes out the hurt to Apple with parody commercial

We don’t really need an ad to know how much cheaper the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is compared to Apple’s iPad Air. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded by a tongue-in-cheek parody ad.

Thinly veiled parody

Subtlety is not lost here, as the ad has a hint of how Apple’s poster boy Jony Ive introduces their latest products in a commercial. Amazon cleverly puts the iPad Air front and centre to highlight its features, only to be shot down by features on the Kindle Fire HDX that surpasses the iPad Air.

Features such as a million more pixels (2560 x 1600 vs. the Air's 2048 x 1536), weighing 20 per cent less than Apple's purported lightest tablet ever and most importantly, its US$379 (RM1221) pricing versus Apple's US$499 (RM1608 in Malaysia) for a 16GB version make a pretty strong case for Amazon.

Tech bickering

Such rivalry between tech companies are not new, but it has escalated to a point that it gets outright nasty. Amazon’s parody commercial is relatively mild when you consider Microsoft’s aggressive stance towards Google in its Scroogled campaign. Its latest commercial (above) blasts Google’s inexpensive Chromebooks as a piece of brick when it’s not online, with the crew from “Pawn Stars” saying it’s not a ‘real’ laptop.

The Redmond-based company has also openly dissed Google’s services by playing on the fear of privacy issues and painting Google as the Big Brother you do not want in your house.

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