ALYT is Siri for your smart home

This curvy little box will protect your house and let you know that everything's fine
ALYT is Siri for your smarthome

What is this and how do I pronounce it?ALYT, (or alight), is a smart hub for your house which will let you control everything from security cameras to your lightbulbs, and everything in between.

It's a portal into the Internet of Things, and you'l be able to access it all through your Android or iOS device,, monitoring your home while you're out and about.

Why's it different?For starters, ALYT can understand you and talks back to you, just like Siri. You can give it conversational commands like "lock the door", or ask it if you'll need a jumper today. Just think of it as a personal butler.

It's also got a built-in SIM slot, so even if your Wi-Fi goes down, it'll carry on monitoring your home and alerting you on your smartphone or tablet when you're away. If you dismiss regular alerts such as your dog setting off the motion detector, then it'll alert you less often, unless something new crops up.

ALYT is Siri for your smarthome

Won't I have to buy a bunch of gear to get my existing stuff connected?You'll have to fork out for a few smart plugs for devices that you want to remotely access and turn off, yes, and you'll need a smart thermostat like NEST if you want to keep on top of your energy bills.

But with the savings you could make by reducing unnecessary wastage, we think it'll all be worth it.

I hope it doesn't go HAL on meHopefully not. If you're willing to take the risk then you can head on over to indiegogo where you can pick one up for US$150 (RM481).

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