The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has entered the tech space

Apple, HTC, and Nokia, get your ice buckets up; Samsung’s putting you up to the challenge
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has entered the tech space

We’re all familiar with what the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is – we’ve even seen our editor, Tein Hee Seow, get soaking wet after dunking a pail full of icy water on himself. But this trend has now extended beyond humans doing it; even tech companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

Yes, we’re looking at you Samsung. The South Korean multi-national electronics company’s put up its Galaxy S5 smartphone to the challenge and its UK arm then posted the video on to YouTube.

Obviously, Samsung picked out the Galaxy S5 – one of its waterproof devices (it’s IP67 certified) – to stand the test, douse itself in ice-cold water, and boast that it’s still operational after taking the hit.

“This is my ice bucket challenge, gosh it’s freezing,” the smartphone said in a monotone voice (great, so now smartphones can feel).

A publicity stunt

But as you know, after getting splashed, you’ve got to nominate three others to partake in the challenge within 24 hours, or pay up to charity. And it doesn’t take a genius to guess which other devices the Samsung Galaxy S5 brought on to the battlefield – the Apple iPhone 5S, the HTC One (M8) and the Nokia Lumia 930.

We think Samsung should stop being such a bully; we’re sure HTC’s Butterfly 2 can live up to the challenge and more (we’ve seen it get submerged in water with our own eyes).  

And as for Apple and Nokia, they should just confront the challenge with some degree of class the way Patrick Stewart did – sign a cheque, pull out a bucket of ice, and prepare themselves a scotch on the rocks. 

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[Source: Business Insider