Alleged prototype iPhone 6 appears on eBay, no longer available

Apple apparently sent a developer's model iPhone to a customer by mistake. Cue the cashing-in or perhaps a lawsuit?
Prototype iPhone a hot-seller on eBay

What happens when Apple accidentally sells an iPhone with the developer OS on it?

How about making a killing on eBay, or at least that is what user kimberlyk1018 is trying to do. She requested a new iPhone on contract and instead of getting the shiny new iOS 8, she found herself with what looked like a prototype iPhone 6.

The item, which has since been removed, was reportedly a prototype device that should have never left the hallowed halls of Apple's campus.

A danger in the wild

At presstime, the eBay auction has hit US$94,100 (RM306,705) and could go higher. Why so much interest? Due to it being a developer's model, it could be hiding trade secrets that Apple wouldn't want to fall into the hands of its competitors.

What the iPhone could hold is a peek at features Apple has tried (and failed) to implement or might soon put into practise in future models. Not to mention the developer code might prove useful to hackers who could then use it as reference when compromising the phone's security.

Certainly, you have to wonder how a developer prototype phone could have made it to a paying customer. Looks like Apple might need to tighten up the supply chain security as this sort of laxness is certainly unacceptable.

Or could this just be a publicity stunt due to the somewhat lacklustre reception of iOS 8 after all the snafus of late?

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[Source: Mashable]