All-liquid metal Turing phone on preorder this July 31

For those a little tired of plain old alumnium

The Turing phones  seems like it's come out of the future, what with it being made of a liquid metal called Liquidmorphium. Apparently it's stronger than titanium or steel, thanks to an ability to absorb and disperse shocks more effectively.

No bend tests though, as the material breaks unlike bendy alumnium. But it does look pretty, with a cool chrome finish that reflects light differently from stainless steel and other metals..

Turing Robotic Industries has managed what even Apple hasn't yet by creating a phone entirely from the substance (Apple only uses liquid metal for its SIM card slot)

Besides its cool material, it also has a side-mounted fingerprint reader and eschews USB for a 9-pin MagSafe power adapter.

Turing also claims its phone will use its very own end-to-end authentication system, that it says is virtually unhackable.

The 64GB model will sell for US$740 and the 128GB model will go for US$870.

[source : VentureBeat]