All hail Aston Martin's most extreme vehicle to date

Even Bond has to queue for the ultra-exclusive Vulcan

That can't be real; it looks like something I created on Gran Turismo... 

It is real, but the upcoming Vulcan will be about as accessible as one of your virtual creations due to the fact that Aston will only build 24, each costing around £1.8 (RM10) million and reserved only for the most exclusive and well respected collectors.

Did inspiration for the name come from Star Trek?

We doubt it, as it's more likely to have been taken from the ridiculously powerful and implausibly enormous Avro Vulcan jet fighter of the 1960s, which was once stationed at Aston's HQ in Gaydon when it was an airbase, or from the Roman god of fire and metalworking. Whatever, it's a fitting name for one of the most extreme vehicles ever produced by the British marque.

What's underneath the bonnet?

There's a 7.0-litre, naturally aspirated V12 engine that has been developed by Aston Martin Racing, which means it produces a thundering 800bhp. Add into the mix the carbon fibre bodywork and you have one seriously mad machine.

Sounds awesome. Just how mad are we talking?

No official performance figures have been released just yet - we presume Aston is saving that for the big unveiling at the Geneva motor show next week - but it will be devastatingly quick. Trust us. Bond's favourite brand has also said the extreme styling could go on to influence other road-going models, such as the upcoming Vantage and DB9 replacements.

It doesn't look very practical...

Agreed, there isn't much in the way of a boot and we're pretty sure that the passenger seat doesn't have ISOFIX for baby seats, but then again, for £1.8million, customers can probably specify whatever the hell they want.

Like a Barbie-pink paintjob?

We were thinking more like bespoke details in the cockpit or something, but they might deck it out in pink if you ask nicely. It's a race car at heart, so Aston will have to make some modifications to make it road legal, although we can't imagine it's a very comfortable daily cruiser.

Why not? It looks lovely to me... 

Well, it has a full FIA roll cage for a start and an Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox derived from the Vantage GTE race car’s. Oh, and titanium side exit exhausts that shoot flames and lightweight bucket seats...

Ok, I get the picture. Any cool gadgets inside?

It's all a bit bare in there but lavishly covered in carbon fibre and Alcantara trim. There is a neat digital display that sits behind the steering wheel, which has been chopped off at the top to make the screen easy to see. This pin-sharp flat screen will read out all manner of vehicle information, as well as offer circuit maps and record lap times.

It all sound completely nuts. Won't most owners crash it immediately? 

Aston Martin has that covered because all customers will get extensive track exposure in some of the marque's less powerful vehicles before being let loose on it. They will also embark on an extensive driver's programme, which includes time in a simulator and private track session with professional racers. Basically, your £1.8million buys you a fast-track ticket into the elite world of GT racing.