AliveCor Heart Monitor is a life-saving smartphone case

Soon this device will make it easy for anyone to monitor their heart condition and prevent nasty strokes
AliveCor Heart Monitor is a life-saving smartphone case

The AliveCor Heart Monitor is a phone cover that could literally save your life by monitoring your heart. Researchers have said that more than 1000 strokes could be prevented, just by being able to detect danger signs.

That's what the case is designed to do, with it being trialled in ten Sydney pharmacies where 1000 Australians aged 65 and over were screened for atrial fibrillation, an electrical heart abnormality that is the cause of a third of all strokes.

Out of those screened, 1.5 per cent were found to have the condition unknowingly. Researchers from the University of Sydney say that if the 2.9 million Australians aged 65-84 had access to the technology, an average of 122 strokes could be prevented each year.

"When screening becomes more generally available, those over 65 will want to include this as part of their regular health checks," he said.

Staying alive with your phone

AliveCor Heart Monitor is a life-saving smartphone case

So how does the AliveCor Heart Monitor work? What happens is that the phone cover converts electrical impulses from users' fingertips into ultrasound signals. These signals are detected by the phone's microphone and processed via a free app.

The app allows not only ECG analysis and review, you can even print and share PDF reports of your heart readings as well as read up on different arrhythimias, cardiac anatomy and ECGs.

It could be a great boon to pharmacists and travelling doctors, and a gift for your favourite hypochondriac.

The app is available for both iOS and Android but is only available in the UK, US and Ireland. More details on the smartcover and its app can be found at the website.