Alcohol in powder form, alert the AA

Just add water and your hard liquor in sachet form is ready for drunken fun
Alcohol in powder form, alert the AA

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The problem with carting around alcohol to parties where you have to BYOB is the fear that you drop something and an expensive mess will result. Fear no more, wannabe partygoers, as the US regulators have now approved a product that will fill your pockets with alcohol by converting your drinks into powder: Palcohol.

If you haven't got it yet, it stands for powdered alcohol. The company’s motto is ingenious: “Take your Pal wherever you go.”

While it’s quite ironic that alcohol can be reduced to looking like the ENO you’ll drink after yesterday’s hangover, Palcohol is a neat concept if you think about it. You take a shot of vodka or the like, turn it into power, add water and hey presto, you have yourself hard liquor. You just need to add the powder to about 150mls of liquid which then will make a real drink.


Powdered magic

Powdered magic

The company isn’t about to start making single-malt concoctions, but instead will start off with crowd favourites like the margarita, mojito, cosmopolitan and other sweet alco-pop flavours.

In the US, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has allowed Palcohol but whether the powdered stuff makes it to shelves is still up in the air as the competition might try and block its sale. Palcohol will likely only be sold in liquor shops or licensed stores, sometime in the fall so don’t hold your breath about ordering online yet.

Though it would be a novel way to get past the alcoholic beverage restrictions at the airport, don’t you think? Its makers do suggest it as an addition to your food but since alcohol normally dissipates during the cooking process, it’s suggested you add the stuff after the cooking’s done.

Should you snort the stuff? No, bad idea. As the site states, it would not be wise to treat Palcohol like more illicit substances, even if you know someone will.

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