Alcatel could be bringing the Palm brand back

Palm had a good thing going before the BlackBerry killed it off so what will fuel its return this time?
Alcatel could be bringing the Palm brand back

Palm used to be a big deal - its phones and thumb keyboards were all the rage for the productivity-obsessed until BlackBerry made them irrelevant. HP owns the Palm brand or at least, owned it before passing it on to a firm called Wide Progress Global Limited, which looks like a holding company of sorts.

According to the paper trail investigated by WebOSnation, the current president of Alcatel OneTouch in the Americas had a hand in the transfer. The trail seems to point right at Alcatel possibly taking over the brand for its own smartphones. The website Mynewpalm displays the Palm logo and a cryptic 'Coming Soon' message.

Palm-branded Android phones?

Alcatel hasn't been doing too badly in the phone arena, apparently selling 300 million phones so far but mostly in Asia. The company did try co-branding with the last Iron Man film with its One Touch Idol Ultra. While the phone wasn't totally mediocre, it didn't quite stand out in the sea of middling Android phones out there.

WebOSnation's theory is that Alcatel might drop selling its phones under the Alcatel brand, but instead sell it under the Palm name. Palm is still a recognisable brand over in the US and could perhaps be a boon to the company the way dropping the Huawei brand from its Honor handsets helped Huawei.

In a market inundated by smartphones, it makes sense that Alcatel would try to get more brand recognition in the US. Still, we'd rather just see Alcatel produce phones that are a little less boring. Brandnames alone aren't enough if the company's phones don't offer much in comparison with other phones in their segments.

Though Palm mostly built its rep on its keyboard and we highly doubt Alcatel will bring that bit back, perhaps this could shake up the current scene that is being dominated by Apple and Chinese smartphone companies.

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