AirPods users report battery draining issues with their cases

Users reporting mysterious battery issues despite AirPods being left in their cases

Are your brand new Apple AirPods running out of battery much quicker than expected? It might be the charging case.

Mysteriously disappearing battery life

Several users have claimed that their Bluetooth earbuds were draining by up to 40 per cent, despite being fully charged, hardly using Bluetooth and being in the charging case overnight.

Apple's AirPods case was unique in that it had its own battery that kept the AirPods charged, besides keeping the earbuds safe.

One user even reported the AirPods losing between 15 to 20 per cent charge in the night. Turning up to the Apple Store got him a quick replacement, which did not lose charge in the night.

As the problems have not shown up in review units and only were reported once the earbuds went on sale to the general public, it could be a case of a few faulty units. So it might not be a widespread problem.

To check whether you're affected, fully charge your case and leave your AirPods in them overnight. If there was significant battery drainage in the AirPods despite leaving them in the (fully charged) case then replacing them with a fresh unit might be your best option.

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[Source: Digitaltrends]