Turn Your Face Into A Classical Work Of Art With AI Portraits

Sadly no Picasso option just yet.

From dog filters on Snapchat to the recent old man filter on the controversial FaceApp, there seems to be no end to humanity’s quest of fusing pictures of faces with AI image filters. Though these amalgamations are never masterpieces, there is a website that aims to change your face into a classical work of art.

Thanks to AI Portraits, a new website made by programmers at MIT-IBM Watsons AI Lab,  allows for an AI - that is well-versed in the classical works of Rembrandt, Van Gogh and the like - to take your selfies and digitally redraw them in the styles of either oil, watercolour, or ink. Instead of just a simple filter, the AI ‘paints’ a whole new image based on the image you upload on the site.

Based on our own tests with the website, the results can be pretty random, with no set ‘style’ for each picture uploaded. The AI has its own set of parameters to determine how each photo will turn out, though it seems evident that it  does hone in on the face of your picture’s subject. We tested photos of smartphones and other inanimate objects on to the site and it produced no results whatsoever.

So if you’re a fan of classical art but don’t have the time to make paint your own Mona Lisa, then give AI Portraits a try. It’s definitely interesting and can make for some pretty radical and totally unique works of art. Check it all out right here.