AdventurOS: the ingenious dungeon crawler based on your hard drive contents

Back this Indiegogo project and you could be exploring a maze generated by your zip files, JPEGs and work docs
AdventurOS: the dungeon crawl based on your hard drive contents

AdventurOS is a platform puzzler video game that generates its dungeon in ingenious fashion: it uses the contents of the hard drive on the computer on which it’s played.

To clarify, it’s a “Metroidvania” title which picks through your computer’s contents, using the folder structure and each folder’s files to procedurally build new rooms.

A castle based on your folders

AdventurOS castle
AdventurOS screens

Every room in the castle you’re exploring represents a folder on your hard drive, and the room’s characteristics – its doors, treasure, puzzles and denizens – are determined by the individual files in that folder. The type of file, its size and its name are used to define the environment, and the file structure is used to define the castle as a whole: the deeper a folder within it, the higher the level of the castle.

It’s a clever twist on randomly-generated dungeons, and paired with AdventurOS’ 3D pixel art visuals, makes it a compelling prospect. But the game’s future release (on Windows, Mac and Linux) isn’t certain yet: it’s an Indiegogo project just over halfway to reaching its US$10,000 crowdfunding target with 19 days to go. If you feel like contributing or reading more, head over to its Indiegogo page.