Adobe uses cat videos to promote its iOS video app

A genius use of US National Cat Day and acknowledging the Internet is made of cat videos
Adobe uses cat videos to promote its iOS video app

Just in case people didn't realise it had a new video app, Adobe decided to get everyone's attention in the sneakiest way possible: cat videos. In a rather cute blogpost, Adobe waxed lyrical about the app and of course, its app to allow you to make your own cat videos to help run the Internet with.

Cats, cats everywhere

Adobe uses cat videos to promote its iOS video app

Today (Oct 29) just happens to be National Cat Day in the US, an event started way back in 2005. Though cat owners know that everyday is cat day, of course.

Adobe decided to be cute and make a play on the Premiere Clip iOS app name and renamed its community feed Purrrmiere Clip. Just for the day, of course. The feed will be dedicated entirely to cat videos and tweeted to the word via the Purrrmiere Clip account.

The Premiere Clip app is a free download though you will need a free Creative Cloud account so that you can log in, store, sync and post videos.

What's neat about the app is that it is fairly easy to use, allowing you to use fresh or existing footage and allows basic edits as well as addition of sound. From the app you can then sahre the video or edit it in Premiere Pro if you have it.

Sharing to social media is also supported, of course. If you're joining in the fun, be sure to tag your video with #MadeWithClip for maximum Internet cat saturation.

[Source: TheNextWeb]

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