Adobe revamps its Lightroom app, marries it to the cloud

Now you can resume your Lightroom edits from wherever, whenever

Adobe's Lightroom has been the choice of professional photographers since forever. Now, the American software company has introduced the new Lightroom CC that comes both as a standalone subscription and as part of Adobe's other Creative Cloud offerings.

All the terabytes

Why have a standalone subscription? If Lightroom is the only thing you need, it might make sense especially as the standalone subscription comes with 1TB of data.

There already is a Creative Cloud photography subscription that offers Photoshop as well as Lightroom and Bridge, with the option to pay an extra fee to get more data.

You'll still be able to use the older version of Lightroom, which is now called Lightroom Classic CC. That also received some minor updates this round, and is a good option for photographers who already have a set workflow and prefer the comfort of a familiar app.

For the new Lightroom, Adobe has made easier to edit your pictures on the go, tweaking the mobile app so you can change things without ever needing to open up your laptop. Basically, it's fully leveraging on the Cloud experience and syncing the images you're working on so you can seamlessly move from one device to the other. Instead of being just an app, Lightroom CC is selling itself as a full-fledged storage and image management service.

Get a handle on all the new tools and features here.

[Source: Adobe]