Adidas puts your Instagram pictures on shoes

Adidas app lets you get creative and personalise your kicks
Adidas puts your Insta pictures on shoes

Work your angles for the best selfies, and maybe give #nofilter a break to enhance your images – Adidas is giving you the chance to get your Instagram snaps on your kicks.

Now the likes of Lo-Fi and Valencia will be your best friends, because the best thing that’s going to happen to your Adidas shoes is having your faces (okay, your foodporn, arty shots, or whatnot if you aren’t a narcissist) on them.

Obviously, you aren’t going to run over to your nearest Adidas store with printed copies of your images. Instead, all you need is the Adidas Photo Print app which lets you upload a photo and have it stamped on the brand’s ZX Flux sneakers.

Further details on exactly how the app works wasn’t revealed, except for what’s available on the teaser video it released on Instagram last week.

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Uniquely yours

Adidas puts your Insta pictures on shoes

It’s also unclear if the mod kicks will cost anything more than the vanilla ZX Flux shoes, which are currently available from US$85 (S$106).

But it’s undoubtedly going to give its archrival, Nike, a run for its money – Nike already lets its users purchase customisable shoes on its Nike iD program for additional fees that fluctuate depending on the number of changes you make.

The app, which will be released in August, will be available on both iPhone and Android. Imagine this, no one will ever dare to nick your personalised kicks, and if they ever do, you’ll immediately identify them (should the thief ever wear them within your vicinity that is).

Just like no two thumbprints are the same, the possibilities for you to deck out your footwear (and sport major shoe swag) are endless. This sole is on fire.

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