Adidas creates beer-proof shoes just for Oktoberfest

Your kicks will be safe from overly enthusiastic beer lovers

Oktoberfest is rightly a German institution, known for merriment and lots of beer. It's not a great place to wear nice kicks though but Adidas has been thoughtful enough to create a pair of sneakers for the occasion.


The kicks will be both beer and water-resistant and will have the benefit of being stylish.

It will even have the word 'Prost' (Cheers) on the side in gold lettering just so you can be clear what occasion you're there for. As to looks, it comes with a brown leather upper with Adidas' distinctive three stripes and a suitably festive beer mug.

The festive kicks will cost €199.95 (approx RM1000) so you'll need to pay a pretty penny for the special shoes. But hey, beer-resistant shoes will make a great chat-up line, no?