Adidas brings the fight to Nike with a new knitted football boot/sock hybrid

Part sock, part boot, and part… insane. But there is method to Adidas' apparent madness

Not content with Nike's freshly unveiled Magista boots stealing the footy thunder, Adidas has brought its own crazy boots to the table. Or pitch, rather.

Like the Magistas, the new Adidas Primeknit FS is a knitted all-in-one football boot and sock hybrid, with the added distinction of having a longer integrated sock. 

It looks even crazier than the Nike Magista's (though it does sear our retinas noticeably less) thanks to its tamer black and white colours. 

While it resembles something a ninja would scale a castle wall with, Adidas has engineered the boots to offer a snug fit from toe to calf, and it's designed to stretch in certain areas while remaining stiffer in others.

The end result is, apparently, a boot which provides the purest possible touch on the ball, short of going completely barefoot.

There's no price or release date set for the Primeknit FS boots as of yet - they're still in the design finalisation stage - but we'll keep you updated once they eventually wrap themselves around feet later this year.

We must admit, we are intrigued by both sets of knitted footwear, though we can't imagine it'll improve our game much. 

We'd be too scared of getting our feet pummelled by the opposition's studs for starters. We can't all be as nippy as Ronaldo you know.

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