Add a little style to the smarts on your wearables with the Kisai Link

No more complaining that smartband doesn't match your outfit

It is pretty hard to blend electronics with fashion because usability and trendiness don't often mix. But that is not the case with the Kisai Link, a little Bluetooth dongle that you can wear on your wrist and still look cool. It looks pretty much like  your regular leather strap or string bands or beads yet it still notifies you of incoming calls and messages by vibrating and using various LEDs. As it has no battery-sucking display screen, a single charge can last up to five days.

Kisai Link is created by Tokyoflash, a company which is best known for rather eccentric fashion. The Kisai helps tone down the geek factor so that smartband of yours can look like a bracelet and not a robot bracer.

The Kisai Link is now shipping for US$79 and comes in multiple designs and sizes suitable for both men and women.

[source : Techcrunch]