aclock alarm clock is a Pebble for your bedside table

Dump your smartphone in the drawer and let this connected alarm clock rouse you from your slumber

I have a smartphone; why would I want an alarm clock?Ever been woken up by a smartphone notification? Even if you've remembered to switch it to silent, smartphones are a minefield for the insomniac; blearily check your texts in the middle of the night and before you know it you've spent 20 minutes staring at a glowing rectangle. The aclock will, its creators promise, help you get a good night's sleep.

Fair enough. So what does this aclock do that an alarm clock doesn't?It's simple, for starters – no fiddly little buttons covering its surface, just a simple backlit E Ink display, and interchangeable faces.


So, if there are no buttons, how do I control it? The aclock uses gesture controls – you can double tap to snooze, and shake to silence the alarm.

Yes, but how do I set the alarm in the first place? Using an app, of course! You can set alarm times on your Android device or iPhone, change your alarm sound, and customise gesture controls for the clock. You can set alarms at different times on different days, too – just like your phone's alarm – and even vary your snooze time throughout the week. Because you deserve that half-hour lie-in on Wednesday, damnit.


So I do need my smartphone, then. Yes, but only to set your alarms – the aclock syncs up with your phone over Bluetooth, so you can pop your handset away in a drawer to charge and let the aclock get on with the business of waking you. The aclock will also flag up notifications including upcoming meetings and weather info – but only after your alarm's gone off.

Sounds good – how much does it cost? The aclock is currently seeking crowdfunding cash – it's currently available for US$50 (RM165) on an early bird deal for the black or white polycarbonate version, while an aluminium model in black or silver can be had for US$70 (RM230). There's also a limited edition black nickel plated variant available for US$160 (RM520). With 23 days left, aclock's raised over US$20,000 of its US$35,000 target, so it's looking likely that it'll make it into production.

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