Abuse your smartphones with OtterBox's new Preserver and Symmetry series cases

Protecting your precious smartphones from accidental dents, dings and dips
OtterBox unveils its Preserver and Symmetry series cases

OtterBox is well known for having obscenely sturdy phone cases that range from the slinky slim rubberised variety to the tough-as-nails sort that look like they could put a hole in the floor.

The same can be said for its latest Preserver series, which is drop proof up to 2 meters as well as dust and water proof up to IP-X8 and IP-6X standards. Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and our butterfingered brethren who need to suit up their iPhone 5s without having to resort to the bigger, bulkier Defender cases.

Don't worry, it's not a dreary case that'll make you depressed. The Preserver series is available in four colours - Primrose (pink), Carbon (black), Pistachio (green) and Glacier (white).

OtterBox unveils its Preserver and Symmetry series cases

The Symmetry, on the other hand, is a sleeker and more stylish case built for the iPhone 5c. Doubling as both a protective case and making a fashion statement, it may not have the same waterproofing feature as the Preserver but it does has the same shock-absorbing interior and one-piece design that makes it similar to OtterBox’s Commuter cases. The series is available in Eclipse (white), Candy (red), Snowcone (blue) and Apple Green.

The OtterBox Preserver retails for RM309 while the Symmetry cases retail at RM149 for the plain coloured cases and RM169 for the patterned ones.