7 things you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 2

Is Apple's smartwatch sequel shaping up to be Terminator 2 or Batman & Robin?

It's been almost exactly two years since Apple pulled back its sleeve to reveal its first Watch - and to celebrate it's announced a much improved 'Series 2' version that turns it into a genuinely desirable sports watch.

While the original Apple Watch suffered from something of an identity crisis, the curiously named sequel (it's not a car, Apple) seems to have doubled down on its sport-tracking potential with a range of new features targeted at runners, swimmers and, um, world-class Pokemon Go athletes.

Here are its most exciting new features (along with a surprise treat for the updated Apple Watch Series 1)... 


1) It's now properly swimming-proof

The original Apple Watch (or 'Series One', as it's now called) isn't exactly a water baby, with a 'splashproof' case that's only happy taking showers rather wild swims.

But Series 2 is swimmer-friendly, with water resistance to 50m, new seals and a speaker that helps eject water from it aquaphobic innards.

Apple claims to have developed it with pro swimmers, with two new modes ('swim' and 'open water swim') calculating your pace, laps and calorie burn, and apparently gradually tailoring to your stroke efficiency to improve its accuracy. We look forward to trying it out on our next visit to a large body of water. 

2) The biggie: it has built-in GPS

Like a relay team that could never quite the baton round, the first Apple Watch didn't quite deliver on its potential as a sports watch because of one crucial missing feature - built-in GPS.

That meant you had stuff your phone in your pocket for accurate running tracking, but the Series 2 fixes that by including a GPS chip.

This is big news - it means that Apple has found a way to include it without (we hope) catastrophically affecting battery life, and brings it up to par with more 'serious' sports watches like the TomTom Sports Spark 3.

Combine this with updated apps like Runkeeper, and you have what could be the world's most desirable sports watch.