6 nostalgic Nokia moments that made history

Stroll down memory lane and revisit Nokia's glory days
Goodbye Nokia: 6 nostalgic Nokia icons that made history

SIGH. Nokia, oh Nokia. It was probably the first mobile phone for many and we couldn’t imagine a world without it.

Fast forward a few years, what was once a driving force and mobile conglomerate is now a subsidiary of Microsoft.

But not all is dead and buried, especially when it comes to memories. Walk down memory lane with us as we bring you the top six iconic Nokia moments that’ll remain in mobile history forever.

Snake! Snake on a phone!

Classic Snake game

Before there was Candy Crush and Cut the Rope, there was Snake. Back in the days where apps never existed, Snake was our only source of entertainment on a mobile device – meaning Nokia’s reptilian adventures kept all of us discussing tactics, strategy and comparing top scores. We never thought a black and yellow game would slither straight into our hearts. But hey, at least you can still play it on a Windows Phone.

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Nokia 8110 Matrix: Operator, get me out of here!

The 8110 Matrix phone

If you're wondering how it got its name, a slightly modified version was featured in The Matrix (some called it the banana phone as a result of its shape too). The nearly indestructible mobile was also the first to boast the Navi roller, as well as the WAP and Slider features. We hope you Matrix fans have kept the device as memorabilia, even though it only bears a slight resemblance to the actual phone used by Neo and Morpheus.