3Doodler 3D printing pen gets nozzles, DoodleBlock moulds and accessories at CES

Scribble through thin air in fat plastic, now in different shapes and thicknesses
3Doodler 3D printing pen gets accessories at CES 2014

You might think a 3D printing pen would be a solitary creature, hiding in a next-gen studio howling and creating plastic masterpieces all through the night. But the 3Doodler, our Kickstart of the Year 2013, already has some close confidantes.

WobbleWorks is showing off five new nozzles for the 3Doodler pen at CES as well as a pen holder for storage plus moulds called DoodleBlocks.

Absolutely Nozzled

New 3Doodler nozzles at CES 2014
New 3Doodler moulds at CES 2014 (3D renderings)
New 3Doodler pen holder at CES 2014
Half complete 3Doodled Charizard

First up, WobbleWorks wants its new changeable nozzle line-up to act like different paintbrushes would when painting. The initial five include chunky square, triangle and star shapes plus a thin strip and group of dots options. We reckon these will be especially handy when basing creations on 3Doodler stencils found online.

The DoodleBlock silicon moulds too will make it easier to create more realistic 3Doodles - fun as it is to panic and go abstract - as they will hold the plastic down inside the grooves as you trace the contour of each shape. The DoodleBlocks can be used with both ABS and PLA.

There's no concrete prices for the accessories yet but we've been told that the aim is to get every accessory below a US$20 (RM65) pricetag. So nozzles and moulds won't add too much to the initial tech toy investment.

Read Stuff's in-depth review of the 3Doodler and watch our video here, we'll update it with impressions of the new nozzles soon. It was also announced at CES that the 3Doodler will be stocked in stores worldwide in the next six months, starting with ThinkGeek, the Museum of Modern Art Store and others in the US.