This 3D printer does colour like no other

ProJet 4500 is the first 3D printer capable of mixing colours for a vastly extended palette, like some futuristic inkjet
This 3D printer does colour like no other

This is something of a seminal moment for 3D printing. 3D Systems has revealed what it claims to be the world's first continuous-tone full colour 3D plastic printer – the unassumingly named ProJet 4500.

While we've been able to print coloured 3D plastic models for quite some time, the ProJet 4500 turns things up a notch by offering full-colour parts with colours that are able to blend into each other with gradient transitions.

It's all done using lasers (naturally) and it means that you're not restricted to just printing off one colour at a time, and you can choose to mixdifferent colours together, blending them together as you see fit.

Colour us impressed

This 3D printer does colour like no other

The video above shows off what the new system can achieve, and it certainly looks impressive. Not to mention expensive.

There's sadly no price or release information available at the moment, but something tells us it'll be a while before we're printing out our own perfectly colour-blended Iron Man armour. We'll report back as soon as we hear of any developments from 3D Systems.

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