This 3D printed cast (almost) has Wolverine-like healing powers for bones

Osteoid involves ultrasound technology to speed up healing process
This 3D printed cast (almost) has Wolverine-like healing powers for bones

If we told you this 3D printed cast has magical abilities to heal you 40 to 80 per cent faster than a normal one you get at the doctor’s, would you believe us?

If you said no, you’re wrong. It actually does mend broken bones faster; although, by “magical powers” we mean ultrasonic technology.  

The Osteoid, so it’s been named, is actually a creation of a Turkish student, Deniz Karasahin, who wanted to integrate 3D printing with ultrasonic technology and make the bone healing process more endurable.   

The concept of using ultrasonic healing vibrations to mend bones has actually been around for a while now, but doctors struggled to apply the therapy past the thick wad of plaster cast.

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How it works

This 3D printed cast heals your bones faster

With the Osteoid, this becomes possible as the skeletal design (which you can see from the image above) enables ultrasonic drivers to have direct contact with an injured person’s skin.

The 3D printed two-piece snap-together cast is created from data analysed from a detailed scan of a person’s broken limb.

The user then needs to connect the ultrasonic nodes to the cast for only 20 minutes a day to speed up the healing process and see the fractures repair faster. The cast is also breathable and lightweight.

It's currently in the prototype phase, but the maker claims future production will include each cast to be custom fitted to individual users. The only setback is, you can't get your loved ones to ink their signatures on it, but with time, we think even that will be a possibility.

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