360-degree videos coming soon to YouTube

Soon you can share all the hilarious footage taken with your 360-cams with the world
360-degree videos coming soon to YouTube

360-degree cameras are not as yet super-big, but YouTube is preparing for the probability they might become popular by adding support for them soon. Gizmodo got confirmation that YouTube is prepping its streaming service for 360-degree footage.

Now just how would that work on YouTube's service, which is notably not the best avenue to display the footage? While you won't be able to truly appreciate 360-degree camera work on a normal webpage, perhaps other avenues such as VR would help.

360-here, 360-there

At the moment, 360-degree cameras have begun to proliferate rapidly, with action camera brand GoPro suddenly having to face more competitors, including Kodak, Samsung and Sony.

For those not interested in buying yet another camera, there are also 360-degree type apps that, while novel, don't truly capture the 360-degree experience. Still, it's enough for those who would only consider it a passing fad.

The best marriage of course for this would be VR. We're guessing Google will use this as a means to push its special cardboard VR 'camera'. We await with bated breath the legions who would customise the cameras to look less like kindergarten projects.

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[Source: Gizmodo]