2K Games announces Free Evolve weekend on Xbox One and PC

Don't say we don't help you sort out your weekends

This coming weekend, Evolve, the 4 v1 shooter which involves humans taking down monsters will be free to play for all new and current users. The free weekend is in conjunction of the release of a new playable monster that is available to all and will be playable on September 4.

In the game, players get to choose their characters and team up with three other friends or random players to defeat a player who controls a huge monster. It is very similar to Left 4 Dead but with much more fast paced action and of course with better gameplay graphics. The similarity is not a plagiarism nor a coincidence as the same team that brought you Left 4 Dead created Evolve.

The new playable monster Meteor Goliath, will also feature an alternate character variant that has different effects, looks, audio, and gameplay. So if you like playing Left 4 Dead, then Evolve will keep you hooked with teamwork gameplay and adrenaline pumping action.