20 million of us have PS4s now

It's champagne all round at Sony HQ as the company reveals it has sold 20.2m PlayStation 4 consoles

If you own a PS4, you're not alone: 20.2 million of the consoles have been sold around the world as of March 1.

The last time Sony let us in on its sales figures was early January, when 18.5m PS4s were in the wild. Using some of the finest mathematical minds known to tech news, we have calculated that Sony has added 1.7m sales to the company coffers in two months. 

What's not clear is how these figures compare to the Xbox One, as the last time Microsoft updated us on how many consoles it's sold was November 2014. Back then, it had put 10 million Xbox Ones into shops - but that was before the Christmas season presumably swelled sales. 

Despite the big numbers, Sony isn't resting on its laurels. It just announced that the Morpheus VR headset will be available next year - find out more about that here

Source: TechRadar