1 million PS4s sold despite reports about the blue light of death

The joy of being one of the million gamers who got their hands on Sony’s next-gen console is indescribable, as is the horror of getting a bricked set
1 million PS4s sold despite reports about the blue light of death

Sony is having a field day with its next generation console launch. But the same can’t be said for some unlucky PS4 owners who have been visited by the “blue light of death” on their consoles.

Reports about bricked PS4 units have surfaced over the weekend since its launch on Friday, indicated by a flashing blue light along the console. The affected units refuse to output a video signal or boot up, and the issue has been reported on the official PS4 support forums. While Sony has provided troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue, it has not been able to fully explain the problems behind the blue light of death.

Sony representatives who spoke to IGN noted that even now, 0.4% of launch units are affected by the problem, and is optimistic about the PS4 launch. Just yesterday, the Japanese firm has confirmed that 1 million PS4s were sold within 24 hours of its launch. This number will add up when the PS4 launches in Malaysia on 20th December.

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