Oppo Patent Shows New Camera Slider Design and Dual Front Camera

This could be the Oppo’s next flagship, the Find Z

The Oppo Reno was recently leaked with a peculiar pop-up camera design; a design that’s likened to a “shark fin”. However, a new patent from Oppo is showing something that we’re more familiar with - a camera slider, but with a few tweaks.

First off, the new patents show that the sliding mechanism is no longer sandwiched between the front and back panel - rather it is only the upper portion of the back that is separate from the rest of the phone. This will most likely allow Oppo to create a much thinner phone.


Another prominent feature is that dual rear cameras will be housed in a camera bump - a much more conventional design; whereas the front cameras will still be in the sliding element. Yes, it’s cameras with an ‘s’, because the patent also reveals dual front cameras. Additional, there are still no signs of a rear fingerprint sensor, and while the Find X only had Face Unlock, an in-display sensor isn’t outside the realm of possibilities.

Personally, I feel that Oppo has been the company to push for innovations in phone - both in design and technology. So stay tuned to Stuff for more updates on this mysterious Oppo device.


Source: TigerMobiles