With dashboard cameras being a necessity in Malaysia, there's been an increasing demand for the device. Thanks to that, there's plenty to choose from in today's market and we recently had a new brand enter the Malaysian market; Mio. The Mio dashboard cameras is one of the world's leading brands of dash cameras that promises high standards in what they have to offer.


As such, we were able to review their top of the line dashcam; the MiVue 792 that comes with WiFi embedded as well as GPS, with a powerful camera that uses Sony’s premium STARVIS™ CMOS sensor to boot. Being the best dash cam Mio has to offer, it's definitely a good indication of what the rest of Mio's dashcams has to offer.

Captures the night

The star attraction of the MiVue 792 comes in its camera which is not only able to record in full HD at 60 FPS, but also comes with a STARVIS™ CMOS sensor that ensures everything you record is crystal clear and visible, even at night. After some tests, I will say it is definitely impressive but there's still some level of noise in what it captures. While shots up close are definitely clear and easy to discern details from, further details - especially at night or in dark areas - are not as clear. 

The camera does a great job in recording the front view fully though, thanks to its wide dynamic range technology. Even if it is at the edge of your car, such as the bottom left, it captures it all well. Though again, the further the subject of what you want to see is, the noisier the image gets.


When looking for a dashboard camera, the basic necessity is that it should be able to record what you see as you drive. But the MiVue 792 does more than that; it actually comes with some great safety features. The one I enjoyed using was the motion sensor, where it will alert me if there's movement while my car is stationary. This is especially useful when I'm at a traffic light or in a traffic jam as I tend to get distracted (mostly with selecting music), so it will alert me if the car in front of mine has moved. 

You can also set it up to alert you if you should turn on your lights, as well as a speed camera and speed tracker thanks to its GPS feature. Whether or not you need such alerts is up to you, so try out which one works for you. There are other features such as the parking monitor mode, in which the camera starts recording the moment it senses vibrations or motions in front of the camera. But this particular feature requires you to have a smart box, which is an extra battery to keep the dash cam going which will add for an additional cost. 

Probably one of the best features offered is that if an accident should occur on your vehicle, the MiVue 792 would automatically generate a video that would be sent directly to your phone via the MiVue™ app once it connects via WiFi. This makes it possible to share videos within minutes, especially during such an emergency.

Some downsides

The MiVue 792 functions fully on buttons available only on the camera itself which can be problematic. I have seen voice operated dashboard cameras, and the MiVue 792 does have a microphone as recordings include sound, so it's a pity that this one lacks it. After all, sometimes you want a dashboard camera to take important pictures but you do need both hands on the steering wheel while driving, so a voice-activated dashboard camera can be essential to some. But if you're the type who won't use voice instructions anyways, then this shouldn't be an issue. 

There's also no option to change the WiFi password of the dashboard camera, which is a bit concerning as the password and even the WiFi name given is pretty generic. If someone else knows this generic password, anyone can have access to your dashboard camera if yours isn't connected already. Unless you have nothing to hide, this does bring forth some serious privacy issues.

Final Verdict

The MiVue 792 is definitely an impressive dashboard camera that comes with an impressive line of features. Its safety features definitely makes it one of the most ideal dashboard cameras around, especially for those who have just started driving. It does come with a hefty price tag of MYR799 though, which is definitely pricey compared to the many dashboard cameras available out there. But overall, you're getting a lot of great features and certainty that you will get all the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Stuff says... 

Mio MiVue 792 review

This is definitely the ideal dashboard camera if you want additional safety features on top of the best features you will need for a dashboard camera. But it does come with a hefty price tag.
Good Stuff 
Additional safety features
Smooth video recording at HD 60 FPS
Will automatically generate video in lieu of an accident
Bad Stuff 
No voice controls
Unable to change WiFi password