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We can understand why OLED TVs are great for the living room with its insanely thin design. But can a curved OLED TV give existing TVs a run for their money? We stared intently at this new-fangled 55in display that contours itself to the shape of your eyeball.

OLED is the new black

LG Curved OLED TV Display

Its curved screen might remind you of an IMAX theatre screen, but the viewing experience is far from it. At 55in, there’s no distinct visual enhancement, even if you sit right smack in the centre. But it paints a pretty picture, with rich colours that’ll glue your eyes to the set. Its contrast is notably stronger than most other TVs, especially for scenes with minimal lighting. This was clearly demonstrated in the Iron Man trailer when Tony Stark was forging the Mark I armour in a dark cave.

2D to 3D conversion and depth tweaking is possible, though the latter should be left at the default setting if you don’t want dizziness to set in. You’ll fare better with movies filmed specifically for 3D, such as James Cameron’s Avatar. The final battle scene in the sci-fi caper differentiated characters distinctly in the foreground and background at the default 3D depth.

Tidy and smart display

LG Curved OLED TV Rear

The clean design is reflected in the location of its connectors, hidden neatly behind the display. Four HDMI ports are more than sufficient for your brand new PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and media streamers. Plug your hard disk drives into any of the three USB ports, but do save one for the camera, in case you wish to engage in a Skype conversation.

Features-wise, this smart TV has it all. Smartphones and tablets that support Miracast can mirror their devices to the TV with a Wi-Fi connection. An 8GB internal memory is included, working in tandem with LG’s Time Machine II to record football matches in the wee hours of the morning. Some basic apps such as YouTube are pre-loaded, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be using them If you have an Apple TV or Chromecast dongle plugged in.


A curved screen at this size doesn’t add much visual enhancement. But we are absolutely enamoured with the unbelievably thin body and deep contrasts that brings out the blacks so clearly. Innovation comes at a steep price of $14,999, but you’ll be ahead of the curve if you place this state-of-the-art TV in the living room.

Stuff says... 

LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV review

The one reason to get this LG TV, is the great picture quality. The curved and slim design are added bonuses.
LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV
Good Stuff 
Rich colours
Strong contrast, especially for black colours
Great living room centrepiece
Bad Stuff 
Subpar audio quality
Priced at the higher spectrum
Smart TV features aren't awe-inducing