Remember when TVs were the main source of entertainment at home? These days a lot of the entertainment we get is from the internet, and with streaming on the rise and even TVs in Malaysia now depend on digital TV as analogue TV transmission has now ended, if you don't have a smart TV, it's hard to watch anything on it.

Currently, the use of Smart TVs has been simple enough - as a source of entertainment. But what if TVs can become the main device, not just in terms of entertainment - but as a control hub? That's what LG's Smart TVs with ThinQ AI are all about and it's something I'm personally excited over as we enter the IoT realm.

Don't fix what isn't broken

I was lucky to get a special experience treatment for their LG 65 C9 OLED HDR Smart UHD TV with ThinQ AI (LG C9 TV), which introduced me to not just the amazing display and graphics of the LG Smart TV, but how it works as a smart hub, together with its voice control abilities. In terms of design, there isn't a lot of changes to the LG Smart TV but then again, there's little to fix or upgrade here when the LG Smart TV is one of the best out there currently. The screen is thin yet capable of displaying some of the most amazing visuals I have seen. If you aren't aware of how powerful OLED is, you should check out my previous article that points out what makes OLED different. The blacks come out really well, and it helps create a certain level of depth that makes anything displayed on the screen even more brilliant.

This is also in part with the AI processor that the TV possesses; it uses the 2nd generation α9 Intelligent Processor that comes with a deep learning AI algorith that optimises the processor's speed and graphics. This will optimise content for better clarity, sharpness, details, brightness and more. It also comes equipped with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos so everything that appears on screen is fully optimised, from pictures, to videos, and even sound! Speaking of which, the audio of the TV is definitely impressive. Even if you can't afford the soundbar, the audio from the LG C9 TV was still rich and clear. You can even optimise the sound to where you are, by using the area of your remote control to help the audio focus to where you are; so you get a full blown experience regardless of where you're sitting. It's definitely a great addition to have, especially if you live in a big house.

Voice commands

When you think of smart appliances, it boils down to the fact that it can connect to the internet and collect data. What many Malaysians haven't quite experienced or learned is to have a Smart TV that does the work for you, almost like a computer, and that's what the LG C9 TV is capable of; the LG AI TV is capable of understanding voice commands, as well as control other IoT in the house, making it a great hub of not just entertainment, but to get yourself organised as well.

Voice commands are done through the special Magic Remote that is equipped with a mic. You can use the voice commands to do the usual stuff; "Play Iron Man on Netflix", "Search BTS on YouTube", "Recommend a thriller movie" and so on. But you can also use it to ask questions such as, "What's the weather like today?" or "What's popular on Cinemas?" and you can choose to either listen in or use the web browser search from there.

I also like that the Magic Remote removes all and every necessity for a mouse and a keyboard, as the remote acts like a pointer mouse, and it even comes equipped with a scroller, making scrolling through content so much easier and less of a hassle. This is also a lot easier for the elderly, who may find figuring out the Smart TV traditionally to be more complicated.

On the other hand, there are some issues with the voice commands not getting what you say clearly or completely, so there is some level of adaption required on your end as well. You will also need a really good and fast internet connection to ensure that everything you watch or play is loaded well, or else you will get some significant lags which is in no part of the TV's fault.

There's more that it can do, but at the moment, Malaysia has limited access to a lot of options. But personally, I think it's already good for what it offers.

Control hub

I mentioned earlier about Smart TVs being a control hub and the LG C9 TV is definitely more than capable of doing so. If you have any other LG products, or products that are IoT and are open source, you can control them all on the TV as well. This includes robot vacuums, air purifiers, water purifiers, fridges, air conditioning and more.

Say you want to turn on the air conditioner in a room that you know is hot right now, without going in you can use the TV to turn it on from where you are. You can also do things like control the temperature of the fridge, set a timer to turn on or off specific electronics, or even see the status of said devices.

If you're an Apple user, you can also connect the TV to AirPlay, giving you more control in which you can not only control the TV, but you can also play music on other compatible speakers at home, adjusting the volume and keeping it all in sync. It's also capable of pairing with the Apple Watch Series as well, in which you can control it all on the Home app on Apple. And yes, you can mirror your smartphone easily.

Final Verdict

If there's one thing I hope Malaysians would be interested in more, it's definitel IoT, and what better way to get into it than through a Smart TV that is capable of being a hub to it all. The LG C9 TV is definitely one of the best Smart TVs in the market that is capable of not just being what I said earlier, but also giving you the best cinematic experience right in your very home.

It's currently priced at RM17,499 which is definitely a steep price, but it does come with some of the best technology around. Even more so once Malaysia gets more support in the AI and Assistant department. You should definitely consider getting it during special promotions if you really want one, and watch the magic unfurl right in the comfort of your home.

Stuff says... 

LG 65 C9 OLED HDR Smart UHD TV with ThinQ AI hands-on review

In the world of IoT, the LG C9 TV is a step forward to what smart homes could look like; with the TV being the main hub in the household for entertainment and control.
Good Stuff 
Gorgeous visuals and sounds
Equipped with AI and Assistant
Capable of being the hub for IoT
Bad Stuff 
Voice control doesn't capture well sometimes