Huawei P10 battery: And you were doing so well...

So, the P10 has a great camera, runs super-fast and looks pretty stylish. It’s a 5-star phone all the way, right? Not so fast. The main thing holding it back is battery life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not awful - but this is very much an all-day device rather than an all-day-and-all-night-and-I-might-still-be-going-tomorrow-lunchtime one.

Starting from full in the morning, I typically got through till about 8pm before needing to top up a little. Yes, I push my phone more than most, but I doubt many people could use it and get through to the next morning without some help from the Ultra-Power-Saving mode.

On the plus side, it charges really quickly - you get 10% in just 5 minutes, and 50% in half an hour. After that it slows down quite considerably, but 50% will be enough to ensure you don’t run out of juice halfway through Stranger Things on the way home.

The competition

The P10 is the first 2017 flagship phone we’ve reviewed, so you should really wait for the others to arrive before making any buying decisions.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the obvious main rival, and unless it gets something very wrong - battery life, maybe, or unexpectedly exploding in people’s hands - it’ll be the phone to beat this year. It will probably be more expensive than the P10, though, and that curved-screen design won’t be to everyone’s taste.

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has to be an option now too. Recent Sony phones haven’t exactly wowed us, but the Premium’s 4K/HDR screen and slow-mo camera looked pretty enticing at MWC.

There’s also the LG G6, which gives you a much larger 5.7in screen but in a body not much bigger than that of the P10, plus HDR tech and its own two-camera set-up.

Beyond those 2017 handsets - and the aforementioned P10 Plus of course - don’t forget the Google Pixel: it has one of the best cameras out there and won’t clutter up your Android experience with unnecessary fluff.

Huawei P10 verdict

The P10 is a really solid Android phone with barely any flaws, beyond that lower-than-the-competition screen and average battery life.

No, there’s not anything massively distinctive about it - no LG G6-style bezel-less display, Sony Xperia XZ Premium-style 4K screen, or Samsung Galaxy S7-style curved glass on the front. Instead, it’s just quietly, efficiently, excellent.

It has one of the most comprehensive phone cameras out there, packed with useful features and tricks, and is blindingly fast too. Oh, and it has the added bonus of looking really like an iPhone, but not costing as much.

At RM2499, That puts it just below the absolute top-tier phones - which is apt, because that’s also where it sits in terms of overall quality.

Tech Specs 
5.1in, 1080x1920
20MP monochrome, 12MP RGB (both f2.2), 8MP front (f1.9), all Leica
Kirin 960
64GB plus up to 256GB via microSD
Android 7.0, EMUI 5.1
4K @ 30fps, full HD @ 60fps
145.3 x 69.3 x 7mm; 145g
Stuff says... 

Huawei P10 review

The P10’s superb camera and blistering speed make it a lovely phone to live with, and only its battery life holds it back
Good Stuff 
Takes brilliant photos
Really fast
Stylish design
Clever one-button control
Bad Stuff 
Average battery life
Only 1080p screen
Quite pricey