Yamaha Y15ZR Ultraman Limited Edition Launches At MYR 12,688 - Malaysia Exclusive

A must-have motorcycle for Malaysian Ultraman fans
17 June 2019 / 19:26MYT

For most Malaysians, Tsurubaya Productions’ Ultraman has been one of the most memorable shows to have graced our television sets and childhoods. Thanks to its popularity, we have seen various collectible merchandise ranging from T-shirts, watches, and action figures. Now, Yamaha Malaysia and Taigaco (official holders of the Ultraman license in Malaysia) have decided to one-up that and produce the ultimate Ultraman themed product with the recently launched 2019 Yamaha Y15ZR Ultraman Limited Edition. With a limited run of only 100 units, the motorcycle is also an exclusive to Malaysia only.

The Y15ZR Ultraman comes in a matte airbrush finish sporting the titular hero’s colour scheme of red and silver. As part of its limited edition package, the motorcycle also comes with alloy Rapida adjustable brake and clutch levers, alloy radiator guard and Yamaha engine cover. The Y15ZR Ultraman also includes a limited edition number plate located on the left side of the cowl where the owners can select the edition number that they desire. To top it off, purchasers of the motorcycle will also receive a certificate of authenticity, a limited edition emblem, an exclusive Ultraman T-shirt, a postcard, and behind the scenes photos.

Unlike the superhero that the motorcycle is based on, the Yamaha Y15ZR is, unfortunately, not solar powered, and another missed opportunity (in my opinion) was not giving the Colour Timer on the bike’s front the ability to blink red to signify that your fuel is running low. Oh well.
For motorcycle enthusiasts who are also big fans of Ultraman, the bike is a definite must-have. The Yamaha Y15ZR Ultraman Limited Edition is only available from Welly Assorted in Rawang, priced at MYR 12,688 before road tax, and delivery is to begin in July 2019.

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