Tamagotchis Are Back! Virtual Pets For A New Generation

Go on playdates and get them married. All in full colour.
31 May 2019 / 18:06MYT

Bandai is launching a new Tamagotchi called the Tamagotchi On (with colour screens!) made available to the masses on the 28th July 2019. The new Tamagotchi ON (Approx MYR 250) allows users to go on playdates and get married to other Tamagotchis wirelessly. Users will also be able to connect it to their mobile device via an app and unlock more unique characters through “Gotchi” points and other surprises. It will be made available in four colours, Fairy Pink and Blue, and Magic Purple and Green. Pre-sales are already made available online since 13th May 2019 at retailers such as Target, Amazon, Gamestop, Urban Outfitters, Barns & Nobel, Bam! Books A Million and EBGames. Malaysian availability has not been confirmed so far, but do stay tuned to Stuff Asia for updates!

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