Become The Ultimate Couch Potato With This Snorlax Sofa

This Pokemon themed furniture is giving the La-Z-Boy a run for its money
24 June 2019 / 16:11MYT

Calm down. I’ll get to the details of the price and where to buy this masterpiece in a bit, so allow me to string up words this article’s introduction first! From the picture above, you can tell this is the ultimate must-have if you’re a Pokemon enthusiast but you’re not to keen on leaving your living room anytime soon.

Brought to you by Japanese furniture maker, Takamine, the new Snorlax Bead Sofa measures 36cm in width, weighs at 9.7kgs, and (just in case you missed the memo) shaped like everyone’s favourite roadblock-certified Pokemon, Snorlax (or “Kabigon” as it’s known in Japan). Despite being called a sofa, the furniture itself is more of a chair akin to the likes of a La-Z-Boy and instead of a conventional chair, you’ll have a Snorlax giving you a big comfy hug.

Takamine says that the chair’s stuffing is soft and the chair itself is designed to provide adequate support for your back and legs. Despite looking like a cross between a plush doll and a bean bag, the chair is surprisingly stable, judging by the images provided.

The company’s Pokemon flavoured furniture offering does not end there. They’re also featuring a cozy looking Poké Ball Ottoman which can be used as a standalone stool, or paired up with the Snorlax chair as a complete couch potato combo. Both the chair and ottoman covers are removable and machine washable.


Both products are available individually or as a set through Takamine’s online store on Rakuten. The Snorlax Bead Sofa is going at JPY 24,800 (~MYR 958), the Poké Ball Ottoman at JPY 9,799 (~MYR 380), and both items as a set at JPY 34,599 (~MYR 1,335).


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