The SOMA PIPE Synthesiser Will (Almost Literally) Take Your Breath Away

Live your dreams to be a FX and synthesiser guru
28 January 2019 / 15:57MYT

Step aside accordions and bagpipes, there’s a new player in town. Meet the SOMA PIPE - a synthesiser and dynamic FX processor powered by your very own breath which was designed by Vlad Kreimer, a Ukrainian/Russian sound artist, radio and audio engineer.

The PIPE generates an array of sounds and beats via microphone input and controls based on 12 preset modulation algorithms such as Oprheus, Ocava, Pulse, Synth, and three variations of Bassdrum. The device also includes a cable extension to the mic which opens up many more options based on your preference and creativity. Also, you can use the mic-in jack as external in and use the PIPE to process any signals you want.

Available in black or white, the SOMA PIPE is priced at EUR 450 (~MYR 2,100) and is only available using a pre-order waiting list on its official website. Have a look at the video demo below to see the PIPE in action.

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