Puma Announced Their Own Self-Lacing Sneakers: The Fi

Puma’s Fi is perfect for everyday wear and for fitness.
31 January 2019 / 13:27MYT

The new zeitgeist in the sneaker industry is the advent of smart sneakers, with Nike’s Adapt BB shoes paving the way for self-lacing shoes, their rivals Puma is sure to not fall behind too far. Say hello to Puma’s hat in the ring, the Fi.

Pronounced as F-I, the name stands for Fit Intelligence. This is actually not Puma’s first self-lacing shoes, that honour goes to the Puma Autodisc back in 2015. The Fi is an evolution of that idea, backed up by more modern tech. The Autodisc stuck to Puma’s signature disc lacing, and the Fi keeps to that spirit by having their cordless self-lacing motor on the tongue of the shoe.

The self-lacing works by touch, all you have to do is to swipe up on the panel located on the tongue to tighten up the shoe and off you go. You can then swipe down to loosen up the shoe and remove them. Blue LEDs will light up as you swipe to tighten. The battery of the shoes are removable and can charge wirelessly as well. At full-charge, the battery can last up to 7 days.

Much like its contemporary, the Adapt BB, the Puma Fi can be controlled by an accompanying app. For now the Puma Fi’s app, PUMATRAC, only works for Apple iPhones but will soon come to Android as well. The best part is the integration with the Apple Watch, with you being able to use the same gestures on the watch to tighten and loosen up the Fi.


For the time being, the smart sneakers are slated for release in Spring 2020, and is tentatively priced at USD $ 330 (around MYR 1,300). We’ll update you as the dates draw nearer.

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